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Sunset Kayak

To a world where every person can discover their whole selves, maximize their potential, and contribute to the society in their unique ways. 


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Being able to exercise your agency requires understanding of your needs and aspirations, as well as the ability to advocate for yourself in the society and be persistent in seeing the change come to reality. 

I offer workshops to schools and other organizations who are striving to transform themselves and life coaching sessions to individuals who are attempting to break the glass ceiling and bring change to the world.



Explore workshops related to agency, such as school design, public narrative, and deeper learning. 


Life Coaching

Register for a 60-minute life coaching session with Manami to maximize your potential.

Bonfire in Sand

Resources on Agency

Browse through more resources on how to enable agency, designed mainly through courses at HGSE.

Manami Okuda Wada

Deeper Learning Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach, Researcher

Manami is a Master's graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education, Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology program. She is passionate about deeper learning and how students can learn to enable their agency in their societal/cultural context. She has also conducted qualitative research on amygdala hijack/contextualized agency and regenerative hope as a research assistant at Project Zero. 


Manami also provides life coaching in Japanese and English to support her clients realize and maximize their unique resources to take action towards their vision.


Prior to HGSE, she worked as an after-school study program manager for middle and high schools in the Greater Tokyo Area, supporting students with both academics and career decisions. She also has experiences as a human resources consultant supporting Japanese corporations with international branches. She holds a BA in Political Sciences from Keio University, Japan.

Originally from Japan, she has resided in The Hague, The Netherlands from the age of eight to thirteen, and she has a great love toward waterside, especially rivers and springs.

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