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Explore workshops related to agency, such as school design, public narrative, and deeper learning. If your school / organization is interested in hosting any of these workshops, contact Manami at


Check out the YouTube video on our school design workshop for middle and high school students! ​

Project Meeting

School / Organization Design

In this workshop, diverse stakeholders gather together to visualize the current situation of the school/organization and brainstorm ideas for improvement. Our workshop enables participants to engage actively through a variety of activities, ground rules to set psychological safety, and different modalities of expression. 

Public Narrative

In this workshop, participants clarify their inner calling, needs, and aspirations, and learn to exercise agency and leadership by crafting their narrative.
All public narratives are thoughtfully crafted with the instructions and support of the facilitator, coaching by other participants, and the opportunity to present the narrative at the end of the workshop. 

Giving a Lecture
Basket of Flowers
Basket of Flowers

Deeper Learning

In this workshop, the school or the organization acquires ways to grow continuously through deeper learning. Participants have the opportunity to build personal connection to their learning by bringing in their experience and learning to create beautiful products that are meaningful to them. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In this workshop, participants discuss about different needs and problems in schools and workplaces concerning diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in Japan and the United States and envision the goal and the ideal within their own organization.

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