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Agency Resources

Welcome to Manami's resources on how to nurture agency through deeper learning!

Feel free to contact me for any opportunities for research or workshop regarding agency...

I would love to work with you!​



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MANABI enables learner agency through ideating, creating, and presenting beautiful work to enrich the lives of the learner, community, and the world. 

The blogposts introduce our journey of creating and designing the MANABI space in Japan. 

Harvard Graduate School of Education

A320 Building a Democratic School: School Design Workshop



Deeper Learning Asia

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Deeper Learning Asia aims to integrate more deeper learning in K12 education, focused but not limited to Asian countries.
The website introduces deeper learning application processes which supports students to grow Hewlett Foundation competencies for admission offices in higher education.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
A305 Deeper Learning for All: Designing a Twenty-First Century School System


Coaching for School Leaders in Japan

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View project page which introduces why school leaders in Japan should receive coaching to improve their leadership and what kind of questions should be addressed in the coaching to school leaders. 

Harvard Graduate School of Education

A011H Essentials of Coaching for Leaders and Educators

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Whole Self School for All: Guideline to a Safe, Loving, Equitable, and Inclusive School

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Download Manami’s Whole Self School Guideline to realize a safe, loving, equitable, and inclusive classroom.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
H310M Establishing Loving Spaces for Learning: Preventing Bullying and Discrimination in US Schools


EP02 - Finding differences w Manami Wada

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Podcast talk with my HGSE classmate Chermaine Goh on enabling agency in education.

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