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If your life were a book, what kind of page would you write today?

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What is your story?

Special Message from Hirono


"As human beings we are capable of agency, making choices in the present based on remembering the past and imagining the future. When we act from habit, we don't choose; we just follow the routine. Only when the routines break down, when the guidelines are unclear, when no one can tell us what to do, do we make real choices and become the creators of our own lives, communities, and futures. It is in these moments, as frightening as they are exhilarating, that we become the agents of our own fate."

- Marshall Ganz

Being able to exercise your agency requires understanding of your needs and aspirations, as well as the ability to advocate for yourself in the society and be persistent in seeing the change come to reality. 

I offer life coaching to young adults to support them understand their emotion, passion, and aspiration better so that they can unleash their potential. I also offer workshops to schools and other organizations who are striving to transform themselves and life coaching sessions to individuals who are attempting to break their norms and routines to bring change to the world.


Life before coaching


Where am I headed to?

What do I have?

Who do I get there with?

Life after coaching


My vision, resources, and fear are clear. 

Possible Life Coaching Topics

Study Abroad


- What will I study at graduate school?

- How do I plan my career after graduate school?



- How can I become a better learner?

- What is my motivation to pursue this certification?

Job Change

- What do I want to gain after my next job change?

- How do I want to spend my time?


- How do I want to play and have fun in life?

- What kind of community do I want to be part of?

About Life Coaching in Japanese

Contact me at
if you are interested in receiving a life coaching session in English. 

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Manami's Profile

Deeper Learning Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach, Researcher
Manami is passionate about deeper learning and how people can learn to exercise their agency in their societal/cultural context.


Get in touch at
to host these exciting workshops on agency! 


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